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For sale is a set of universal mounting brackets for the hard saddlebags we carry, including LN, LG, DX, DM, GA, ST, and MU Saddlebags.

These are improved version of our universal brackets; they are heavy duty, and will not bend or flex. To install our hard bags with universal brackets, your bike needs to have fender rails with two or three bolts on both sides of the bike.

Installation Instructions (also see pictures below, some steps may vary depending on the bags you have):

Step 1: Attache the brackets on the bike's fender struts, attaching the short end of the brackets to the fender rail bolts, two brackets on each side. You may need to bore out the holes if your fender rail bolts are larger than the holes on the brackets. Fix the brackets tight enough so they will not move, but still can be moved around with some force.

Step 2: Position the brackets where you want the bags to be, so each can be bolted on to the two brackets with even distribution of weight, and clear of any interference. this takes some trial and errors. You may adjust the brackets by either angle the brackets or inserting longer spacers between brackets and fender struts. The brackets do not necessary be straight down. Make sure the bags will be at least 1" away from exhaust to avoid the heat from damaging the bags.

Step 3: Put masking tape on the bags where drilling should be. Place 4 bolts through the brackets, put some marker or paint that are transferable on the end of the bolts. Now position the bag to exactly where you wanted and pressed it against the bolts so the paint marks are transferred onto the taped backside of the bag.

Step 4: Drill the 4 holes on the bags. Make sure the holes are not too big and to drill slowly so no fracturing or stress is induced.

Step 5: Place the rubber grommets in each of the drilled holes, then insert the steel tubes inside the rubber grommets. Insert the bolts through the steel tubes from inside of the bag, and screw onto the brackets. the holes on the brackets are threaded. Use washers as needed.

Step 6: Tighten the bolts on the fender rail once installation is complete and check to make sure all the other bolts are tight as well and the bags are securely attached to your bike.

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